The International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering (IJSCE) publishes original and unpublished research from the state of art. The aim of this journal is to bring together career researchers, high degree researchers (Graduate and Post Graduate  students) and other research community people. IJSCE welcomes papers in Civil Engineering areas. IJSCE also accepts Extended version of the previously published papers related to concerned areas.

IJSCE published quarterly issues from 2014.

IJSCE papers are solicited from, but not limited to the following topics:

  • Analytical and design methods
  • Dam structures
  • Blast engineering
  • Special Structures
  • Bridges, tall buildings
  • Stability Engineering
  • Case studies with Success/Failure investigation
  • Repairs, Strengthening, and Maintenance
  • Fire engineering
  • Soil Structure Interaction
  • Infrastructure engineering
  • Experimental Studies and Testing Technologies
  • Innovative structures
  • Structural and Solid Mechanics
  • Life assessment/durability
  • Structural Safety and Reliability
  • New construction materials
  • Vibration and Impact
  • Repairs, strengthening, maintenance
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Structure-fluid-soil interaction
  • Structural health monitoring, safety, reliability
  • Testing technologies
  • Performance of Structures
  • Wind and earthquake engineering
  • Any other area related to Structural/Civil Engineering